Flyvefisken in English means The Flying Fish!

Flyvefisken, established more than 35 years ago, is an Aquarium shop.
Although we specialize in cichlids, Mbunas, from the Lake Malawi, we also have a large selection of other fishes, such as Tetras, Livebearers, Catfish, Goldfish and Crayfish etc.

Flyvefisken is not only our dedicated business but also our passionate hobby. This means that our fishes are in an excellent condition. We have a display of 60 large tanks and approx 25 % of the water is changed weekly. Our fishes are fed several times daily, with good varied dry and frozen food.

We do not make any compromise with the quality of our products, and all our suppliers are carefully chosen. Our Malawi cichlids are, for instance, all bred in Denmark. They display their natural bright coloration and there is no in-breed among them.

In addition to fishes, water plants, aquariums, filters and a freezer full of frozen food, Flyvefisken also carries a good selection of food and accessories for dogs, cats and rodents.

Situated in the heart of Copenhagen, Flyvefisken is easy to reach by public transportation. Busses 12 and 69 stops right outside our doorstep, and the metro station Forum is only a short walk away. Please see “INFO” for more details.


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